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Beer and Ale News (& Views)
EVENT:   31st May - 10th June 2012
                             Celebrating fine beers and ales in a Fine City

EVENT:   25th June - 30th June 2012 - Summer Beer Festival:

The Vine
(Norwich's smallest pub, 7 Dove Street, NR2 1DE - Phone number)
Excellent Thai cuisine available, and a choice of around 15 real beers and ales during the festival.

Recommended pubs in Norwich*

* Please note: just because a pub is not mentioned doesn't mean I can't recommend it - there are numerous pubs in Norwich which I haven't visited, and my recently acquired dietary supplement of rat-poison and betablockers means that the ability to gargle sensible quantities of incohol these days is cruelly limited, so future additions may well be hearsay.**

** Or do I mean heresy?***
*** The main statement is made, BTW, in case my doctor has a look-in innit, IYKWIM.

Listed in alphabetical order.

F = Free House;   W = wifi;   /TV = no TV;   /J = no jukebox;   /K = no keg;

The Champion (Batemans);
Coach and Horses;   W;
Coachmakers Arms, St Stephen's Road; F;
The Fat Cat, F;   /J;   /TV
King's Head, Magdalen Street F;   /K;   /J;   /TV;   W?
King's Arms, Park Road; F;
The Murderers, Timberhill F;
The Plough, St. Benedicts (Grain?); W;
The Vine, F; (Norwich's smallest pub - small, but perfectly formed...)


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