Faq Part 8

FAQ for newsgroup uk.rec.sheds, version 2&2/7th 1999-11-08 (roughly)

Ride of the Shedheads Theme Tune

Part 8 of 8 : Credits and closing hymn

I am: D.Budd@mcc.ac.uk http://www.man.ac.uk/~zlsiida
but just because this line is here doesn't mean I wrote all the above
(obviously I didn't write Jeff's original faquette, for example)
as I pass this to a different regular poster each month or so, so that
they all get a chance to stick their oar in. So far it's been checked
over by:
Jeff Drabble, Ed Fowler, David John, Gaye Oliver, Frank Erskine,
Steve Boon, Jill Russell, Brian Skinner, Pete Shaw

We close with our hymn of allegiance (thanks Guy):

This is our ancient shed,
good as a lie in bed,
God save the shed.

Long to remain in,
with a roof made of tin,
full of a load of tqt,
and perhaps a cat.

Ooodles of finest junk,
roof made out of old bunk,
God save our shed.

We have a sacred task,
midst our old stuff to bask.
Keepers of things made to last
last of the past.

We partake of B A
at the end of the day,
here in our Shed.

These are the things you see,
which I hold dear to me,
Homebrew and a cup of tea,
and a fine PP.

Let the shed ever stand,
finest place in the land,