Assuming I get the correctly-shaped tuits a diagram describing the flavour and colour of each brew will be added in the white column.
Oyster Stout (4·6%)

An oatmeal stout brewed with 9 different grains and fresh oysters, with bittersweet notes of coffee, chocolate and roasted malts.

Arbor, Bristol, Avon.  
Fruit Bat (4·5%)

A straw-coloured beer malty and fruity, lightly hopped and tasting of raspberries.

B&T Shefford, Beds.  
Mocha Amoretto (6·5%)

A strong ale with with a blend of coffee-pot aroma, almond and chocolate indulgence.

Batemans Wainfleet, Lincs.  
Thriller in Vanilla (5·1%)

A rich porter brewed with fresh vanilla pods complementing the complex dark malts.

Brown Cow Selby, N. Yorks.  
Apricot (5·0%)

A pale straw-coloured premium ale with a light delicate bitterness redolent with the flavour and aroma of apricots.

Coach House Warrington, Cheshire.  
Cherry (5·0%)

Classic bitter with the addition of cherry fruit.

Coach House Warrington, Cheshire.  
Coconut Porter (5·0%)

A full-flavoured and robust porter style beer with a distinct and mouth-watering coconut aroma.

Dark Star Partridge Green, W. Sussex.  
Chocolate Orange Delight (5·8%)

Dark old ale with distinctive chocolate and orange flavour notes against a rich, hoppy background.

Downton Downton, Wilts.  
Ginger Beer (4·6%)

Produced using root-extract ginger with a flavour which is not overpowering and is very refreshing.

Enville Cox Green, Staffs.  
Honey Ale (4·3%)

A sweetish, full-flavoured ale with a hoppy bite.

Fat Cat Norwich, Norfolk.  
Mocha Moggy (4·6%)

A full-bodied stout, infused with Ethiopian mocha coffee beans, cold-infused for the fullest flavour, with minimum bitterness.

Fat Cat Norwich, Norfolk.  
Winter Spice (4·5%)

Rich porter brewed with coloured malts and a hint of cinnamon: a winter warmer.

Milk Street Frome, Somerset.  
Elderflower Blonde (4·0%)

A refreshing blonde delicately infused with the flavour of elderflower.

Saltaire Shipley W. Yorks.  
Raspberry Blonde (4·0%)

Refreshing, blonde ale delicately infused with raspberry flavours.

Saltaire Shipley W. Yorks.  
Heligan Honey (4·0%)

A light, refreshing bitter, pale amber in colour, with distinct hoppy overtones.

Skinner's Newham, Cornwall.  
Plum Porter (4·9%)

Dark, strong and well-rounded porter made with Goldings hops and natural plum flavouring.

Titanic Burslem, Staffs.  
Fraoch Heather Ale (4·1%)

A light amber ale with floral peaty aroma, full malt character, and a spicy herbal finish.

Williams Bros. Eglington, Clackmannanshire.  
Roisin (4·2%)

A light, crisp blonde fruit beer made with the addition of fresh tayberries, pouring champagne pink with sweet hop and berry aromas.

Williams Bros. Eglington, Clackmannanshire.