On Tuesday 14th January 2014, bought of a local pawnbroker, one 11mm double-barrelled pinfire pocket pistol in poor condition. It is probably Belgian, though it might be French. When I dismantle it sufficiently I shall be able to see the proof-marks beneath the breech.

  It's an interesting little thing, and will be more so when the fettling is done. At present, there is a small wedge of wood missing at the bottom of the butt, and another larger piece missing by the neck has been rendered with something like Plastic Wood.

  The action is boxlock with flush-folding triggers, one of which is missing, but the other will provide a pattern. It seems as if the triggers comprise sear as well as just trigger, and are deployed when the cock is pulled back. The tip-up barrels are forged from a single billet and are rather loose. Either the pivot bolt and its journal are badly worn, or more likely, the bolt has been replaced at some time with one which is of the wrong diameter.

  We shall see - when the oil I've anointed it with penetrates the threads1.
1 Parker-Hale Express Oil.

Click thumbnail for larger pic.

  General aspect

  Action open and LH cock at full-cock, showing (LH) trigger.

  View of underside - action open, and trigger deployed.

  Box quality is rather basic, like the pistol. The blue fabric is felt to line the box with. Baize would have been overkill, I feel. (And much more expensive. Ed.)

  I plan a compartment for tools and another for (dummy) ammunition. Tools will probably comprise ballmould; turnscrew, brushes and cleaning rod.

  Unusually, I have a key for the box...