Dick Shunry

Dick Shunry are jbexing on this gradually and a bit at a time TAAAW

All contributions from Shedi welcome.


This legs icon are intended for the eddifimicashun of vissiters to The Shed. Sheddish are usuminally slightly modificated English, but sometimes a bit of Serapu or Trezna may creap inn.

Transpondian Pressydent Brush unplays latent Sheddi ten dances.



a. Adjective
abb. Abbreviation
abs. Abstract (Not to be confusticated with abstrad.)
adj. Adjective
adv. Adverb
bc. Buddcrypt
cll. Collective
cmmn. . Common
cnt. Contraction coll. Collective
coll. Colloquial 56
conj. Conjunction
ed. Edibubble ejac. Ejaculation, (verbal)
i. intransitive
n. Noun
pp. Past participle. Not to be confused with PP. prpr. Porper
prep. Preposition
rot. Rot13
tr. Transitive
v. Verb

56 Always ewesed in the Shed, so never noted in the Legs Icon.


Abstrad: n. (bc.)
Aibohphobia: n. The fear of palindromes.
Apprentice: n. Child, especially one of your own.


Bork: v. v, t. & i. Break
Borked: v, pp. Borken
Buddcrypt: n. Simple code whereby each successive pair of letters in a worm are transposed: ba=ab; st=ts; ar=ra and the d stays nuomeltsed IYSWIM.


Cojbait: n. Worms with missing, misplaced, superfluous, feral, or greengrocer's apostrophe.


Dachyperm: n. abs. Heffalump's hairdo.
Dibble: n. cmmn., cll., Police. cnt. Consdibble.


Excavated sheep: conj. Mind you
Explosively booby-trapped female ovine: conj. Mind you


Forn: adj. Foreign
Forn: n. Abroad


Goov: v.tr/i. Think. cnt. rot. 'guvax'


Hooter: n & ejac. (dubble-letter rool, b/crypt and rot combined), Bugger








Landrovery: n. (p) Plaice in S. Whales near Lamplighter.
Leftpondian: adj. adv. USian


Magic Blue Smerk: n.The essence of electrickery, and what molishes appliances, components, chips ect to jbex. An appliance, component chip, ect which stops jbexvat very often is seen to release its magic blue smoke. Note, it is very difficult to get the magic blue smoke back again: arrqf an expert.
Mercadia: n. Transpondia
Merkin: n. adj. Transpondian
Mojasheddin: n. coll. A small band of heavily armed and bloodthirsty grillas, brought to a fighting frenzy by consuming large quantities of BA and PPs, and under the influence of pisip, ready to die for their fanatical cause... but currently sitting around awaiting the right-shaped tuits.
Molish: v. tr. make, construct. antonym = unmolish


No more sheepdogs day: n. Ban collie day.
NURZ! ejac. rot. AHEM!
Nutmeg: n. weed.
Nutmegged: adj. weeded.




Penc: n. rot.
Pisip, PISIP: n. Spoken by true Shedi. Pseudo Intellectual Self Indulgent Penc. Outraged pronouncement on Ye Shedde by a non-impressed wissitor. Adopted with glee and incorporated into Shedspeak - by order.
Polygoose: n Plural of Mongoose. (Nicked from Hacker's Dict.)
PP: n. ed. Pork Pie. Shed staple for gnoshers of deadthings.




Rot: n. v. tr/i. Rot13
Rot13: n. abs. A process where the alphabet is transposed by 13 letters, n = a, ect.
Rotted: v. pp. adj. Subjected to Rot13
Rotten: adj. Rotted


Shed: n. ppr. cmm. & v. tr. Shed
Sheddi: n. s. pl. cll. Shedi
Shedi: n. s. pl. cll. Sheddi
Sick raptor adj. Illegal
Superworm n. A worm which is the same whether you rot it or Bcrypt it, such as boer, (obre) bore (ober) and naiver. (anvire) By their very nature most superworms are Top Rots TAAAW.
Suprise n. v. t&i. An unexpected meal between teatime and bedtime, or the provision of provisions at that time.


Top Rot: n. Worm which when rotted is pronouncable in ordinary (FSVO ordinary) speech.
Tqt: n. Usually coll. top quality tat, (or even,) top quality tqt
Transpondia: n. Leftpondia
Transpondian: n. adj. adv. Leftpondian


USia: n. Mercadia
USian: n. adj. adv. American




Worm: n. Word






Zbarl: n. rot. Money.
Zbarl Unit: n. Sometimes abs. Pound, or in in forn, may be in the forn currant sea.
ZU: n. Sometimes abs. Zbarl Unit:

Note: there will be no more definitions below this as we seem to have run out of letters. Anyone finding any spare ones, please heel them in until I have thyme to plant them.